Past Awardees

Leadership Award

The Leadership Award is presented to a woman in Delaware higher education on the basis of leadership activities and significant contributions within the field. The nominee must have demonstrated “steps to success,” while serving as a role model for “rising stars” in higher education.

Past recipients of the Leadership Award

  • 2021 – Dr. Denise Wells, Dean, College of Health Professionals, Wilmington University
  • 2020 – Dr. Saundra DeLauder, Provost, Delaware State University
  • 2019 – Dr. Sallie Reissman, Assistant Vice President and Dean of the College of Online and Experiential Learning, Wilmington University
  • 2018 – Dr. Bobbi Barends, Vice President and Campus Director, Delaware Technical Community College
  • 2017 – Dr. Erin J. DiMarco, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Wilmington University
  • 2016 – Dr. Kathern Friel,  Dean of Instruction, Stanton/George Campus of Delaware Technical Community College
  • 2015 – Dr. Nancy Targett, former Acting President of the University of Delaware; Dean Emerita and Distinguished Professor Emerita of Marine Biosciences
  • 2014 – Phyllis Collins,  Executive Director of the Academic Enrichment Unit, Delaware State University
  • 2013 – Ms. Eileen Donnelly, Assistant Vice President of Technology and Dean of the College of Online Experiential Learning, Wilmington University
  • 2013 – Dr. L. Germaine Scott-Cheatham, Assistant Vice President of Development, Delaware State University
  • 2012 – Dr. Frances Leach, Assistant Campus Director, Delaware Technical Community College
  • 2012 – Dr. Marilyn Prime, Director of University Student Centers, University of Delaware
  • 2011 – Dr. LaVerne T. Harmon, University Vice President, Wilmington University
  • 2010 – Carolyn Curry, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Delaware State University
  • 2010 – Dr. Kimberly Joyce, Assistant Vice President for Educational Support, Delaware Technical Community College
  • 2009 – LeaNora Ruffin, Assistant Dean, Career Development Office, Widener University School of Law
  • 2008 – Linda Ammons, Associate Provost and Dean, Widener University School of Law

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award is presented to a woman in Delaware higher education whose potential for future achievement is evident and recognized. The nominee must also demonstrate a commitment to higher education through noteworthy contributions in the field and/or to community service.

Past recipients of the Rising Star Award

  • 2021
    • Jill Austin, Department Chair, Early Childhood Studies, Delaware Technical Community College
    • Danielle Craig, Assistant Director, Office of Undergraduate Research, Experiential Learning and Honors
    • Dr. Keeley Powell, Senior Assistant Dean for Student Services, University of Delaware
    • Maureen Tomey, Alumni and Event Specialist, Goldey-Beacom College
    • Ashlee Youmans, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Wilmington University
  • 2020-
    • Jennifer Daniels, Associate Director in the Office of Equity and Inclusion, University of Delaware
    • Brittany Hobbs, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Goldey-Beacom College
    • Natalie Ridgeway, Assistant Director of Creative Services, Wilmington University
    • Jarso Jallah-Saygbe, Associate Vice President of Student Success, Delaware State University
    • Erin Schutt, Student Life Program Manager, Delaware Technical & Community College
  • 2019 –
    • Amanda Birch, Enrollment Management Assistant, Goldey-Beacom College
    • Jaimee Campbell, Human Resources Coordinator, Wilmington University
    • Amber Gordon, Coordinator of the Center for Teaching and Learning, Delaware State University
    • Amber King, Academic Counselor and Student Affairs Instructional Coordinator, Delaware Technical Community College-Owens Campus
    • Latoya Watson, Assistant Dean, Associate in Arts Program, University of Delaware
  • 2018 –
    • Rachel Cimino, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, Widener University Delaware Law School
    • Elizabeth Fennemore, Senior Advisor, Financial Aid, Goldey-Beacom College
    • Laura Goodwin, Director of Admission Services, Wilmington University
    • Dawn Hopkins, Director of Annual Giving in Division of Institutional Advancement, Delaware State University
    • Kate Matthews, Academic Counselor, Delaware Technical Community College
    • Nicole Young, Academic Advisor, University of Delaware
  • 2017 –
    • Mary Allen, Director of Communication, Widener University
    • Sara Diehm, International Recruitment Coordinator, Goldey-Beacom College
    • Dr. Sherri Niblett, Academic Counselor and CARE Team Coordinator, Delaware Technical Community College (Owens Campus)
    • Felicia Quinn, Director of the University Information Center, Wilmington University
    • Lieutenant Joi Simmons, Delaware State University
  • 2016 –
    • Kim Plusch, Career Counselor,  College of Business, College of Health Professions, and College of Education at Wilmington University
    • Pia Stokes, Associate Director of Admissions, Delaware State University
    • Jennifer Tomasetti, Assistant Director for Fraternity and Sorority Life, University of Delaware
  • 2015 – Dana Eggleston, Director of Institutional Research, Wilmington University
  • 2014 – Alice Miller, Coordinator of Student Activities, Wilmington University
  • 2014 – Casey Impagliazzo, Communications Specialist, University Student Centers, University of Delaware
  • 2013 – Jennifer Blackwell, Academic Counselor, Delaware Technical Community College
  • 2012 – Cara Stanard, Academic Counselor, Delaware Technical Community College
  • 2011 – Sharon Lynn Mossman, Instructor for the Dental Hygiene Department, Delaware Technical Community College
  • 2010 – Erin Zoranski, International Education Coordinator and Instructor, Delaware Technical Community College
  • 2009 – Simone Marie George, Assistant to the President, Wilmington University
  • 2008 – Lalena Luna, Program Coordinator for Hispanics Culture and Student Campus Programs, University of Delaware
  • 2008 – Tina Scott, Director of Student Affairs, Wilmington University
  • 2007 – Germaine Scott-Cheatham, Executive Director of Admissions, Delaware State Univerisity

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