DAWN Visionaries


–Margaret Thatcher

As women in higher education, we bring insight, innovation, and resourcefulness to everything we do. No matter our title or role, our achievements are significant and worthy of celebration.

Recognizing this, DAWN will identify women Visionaries from our institutions who are doing great things in their communities, families, and careers, and highlight their accomplishments as forward thinkers and luminaries.

2019-2020 Visionaries

ERIN DALY, Delaware Law School Professor of Law and the Co-Founder of the Dignity Rights Project

Tell us about your most difficult challenge as a leader in higher education and/or as an advocate for dignity rights and how you overcame it.
DALY: I’ve been fortunate to have three careers at Delaware Law School – as a teacher, as an administrator and dean during a pivotal time for the school, and as a scholar and advocate for the right to human dignity. In all of these, the biggest challenge is to be clear about your purpose or purposes. READ MORE