Lucia Nemeth

Lucia Nemeth
Wilmington University Director of Educational Effectiveness

Tell us about a time you felt truly proud of your work. What did you accomplish?

Very early on in my employment with the University, I recognized the potential that online learning had in making quality education accessible to everyone, especially to those who otherwise would not have such access. From the outset I knew the University shared my vision of advancing the mission of online education; it was one of the very reasons I was excited by the school in the first place.

My dissertation topic was teaching English to second-language-learners using technology. It was one of the earliest articulations I had of this vision of online learning. In the fall of 2016, I was invited to teach Critical Thinking online to students from Shenzhen University in China. The international nature of this course presented numerous challenges, including language barriers, cultural differences, technological glitches, and unequal access to internet and various educational sites. However, the course was successful and it resulted in a potential long-term, international partnership for the University. It was possible because the online platform was sophisticated and developed enough to support it, just as it has been through this tumultuous period of COVID. On a personal note, the course was a kind of full-circle moment for me as I recalled being a doctoral student all those years ago theorizing about the effectiveness of online learning. Being able to witness first-hand the success of the University’s online learning program, which I am directly involved in shaping and developing, is something I find immensely gratifying. It is also something of which I am exceedingly proud, as is the fact that my peers have identified me as an exemplary online instructor. I am proud that my efforts have been recognized as being essential to the growth and success of the University. I work hard every day so that we can most effectively meet the needs of our students and provide them with a quality education.


Lucía Nemeth, Ed.D, was recently appointed as the first Director of Educational Effectiveness at Wilmington University. Over the past two decades, she has been a champion of online education both in teaching and in course development and implementation. She works within Academic Affairs to ensure that all students have a high-touch, quality, academic learning experience. Essential to this role is collaborating with various departments throughout the university to ascertain how best to serve its online faculty. Lucía was instrumental in the successful implementation of Canvas, the university’s new learning management system. In her role as Faculty Liaison for the Change Management and Communication Team, she developed training plans, created the positions of Faculty Ambassador, led training programs, and kept the administration abreast of progress.

In November 2016, Lucía taught Critical Thinking online to students from Shenzhen University (China), providing an opportunity for a long-term, international partnership for Wilmington University. Major accomplishments included overcoming language barriers, addressing technological challenges such as limited access to the internet and various educational sites, and helping foreign students assimilate to our educational culture.

Lucía, an Associate Professor, has been recognized as an Exemplary Level Instructor.

Before her educational career at Wilmington University, Lucía worked at the Catholic Leadership Institute in Philadelphia where she collaborated with Hispanic communities to promote their involvement in diocesan activities. Prior to that, she worked at Wilmington Trust Company as an assistant trust officer in the Wealth Advisory Department.

Philanthropy has always been integral to Lucía’s life. She has over 20 years of extensive involvement and leadership in non-profit work. On her travels in three continents, she has witnessed different levels of global poverty and need. A past trustee, she currently serves as a committee chair for the Raskob Foundation for Catholic Activities. Early on in her involvement, she conceived and initiated a proactive program to respond to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in sub-Sahara Africa, specifically addressing its effects on orphan children. Her strategic plan involved cultivating relationships between grassroots organizations and the foundation, an endeavor that led to the successful acquisition of $5 million to support 4 grassroots organizations over multiple years. Lucía also served as a Board member of the Bill Raskob Foundation, an organization that assists college and postgraduate students in the form of interest free loans.

Lucía is active in her community. She initiated, coordinated, and implemented one of the largest fundraiser programs for a private Catholic school in Wilmington. She is passionate about the role technology plays in pedagogy. She spearheaded the effort to research and hire a web designer to revamp its website in order to increase engagement between teachers and parents of minority Hispanic students. Lucía is a volunteer with Junior Achievement, teaching kindergarten through 4th grades about money, government, and community.

Lucía, her husband – Major Scott Nemeth – and their three children recently relocated to Pennsylvania after his retirement from military service where he served multiple tours of duty in the Middle East.