By-laws Articles I, II, and III

Article I


Section 1.01 Name.  The name of the organization shall be Delaware ACE Women’s Network.

Article II


Section 2.01 Purpose.  The purpose of the organization is to promote women’s leadership roles in higher education by:

  1. Identifying women leaders in higher education.
  2. Developing their leadership abilities.
  3. Encouraging the use of those abilities.
  4. Advancing women’s careers by linking them to other women and mentors.
  5. Supporting the women throughout their careers.

Article III


Section 3.01 General Membership. General membership of the organization shall be open to women working for an institution or association of higher education who have paid their annual membership fee to be determined by the Executive Committee. There are two defined categories of membership:

  1. Institutional Member Employees at a discount rate determined by the Executive Committee.
  2. Non-member Institution Employees rate determined by the Executive Committee.

Section 3.02 Institutional Membership. Institutions of Higher Education operating within the State of Delaware and adjoining states may join the organization for an annual fee. Membership will allow:

  1. Employee discount membership rate.
  2. Institutions to send their employees to professional development events at a discounted fee.
  3. Access to the Ace Network Delaware website with link to institution’s homepage.
  4. Representation on the Executive Committee.


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