Leadership Training

DAWN’s mission is simple. We’re focused on helping women in higher education develop their leadership abilities and advance their careers.

To facilitate this professional development, consider attending an ACE National training opportunity. Each program is designed to assist in building the skills necessary to achieve your next level of leadership!



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•April 23-24: Advancing to the Presidency Workshop, Washington, DC
To support senior-level administrators working toward obtaining a presidency position within the next two years, creating an understanding of the search process and a solid game plan for their transition.

•July 17-18: Leadership Academy for Department Chairs, Alexandria, VA
To strengthen chairs, division heads, and program directors not only as unit leaders, but also as academic leaders in service to the institution and its mission.

•July 25-26: Institute for New CAOs, Washington, DC (Meeting 1 of 3)
To grow one’s network and gain the practical executive leadership skills needed to succeed in the first three years as provost, assuring long-term success in the role.

•August 6-7: CAO-CBO Collaborations Workshop, Washington, DC
To encourage strategic communication strategies between the CAO and CBO, build on that relationship, recognize challenges, and improve goal achievement at higher education institutions.

•September: Regional Women’s Leadership Forum
To demystify career trajectories for women leaders and provide training in critical areas such as fundraising, risk management, crisis response, and strategic planning.

•October 3-4: Advancing to the Chief Academic Office, Washington, DC
To help mid-career administrators strategically seek and successfully obtain a CAO position within the next two years.

•October 17-18: Spectrum Aspiring Leaders Program, Kansas City, MO
To diversify the pipeline to higher education leadership roles, this program encourages mid-level administrators from underrepresented backgrounds to advance their careers.

•Apply by November 1: ACE Fellows Program Class of 2019-20
To shadow and learn from working campus CEOs/CAOs in order to demystify career goals and prepare for your next leadership position.

•December 5-7: National Women’s Leadership Forum
To secure the skills needed to take the next step of a woman’s career into a presidency, vice presidency, or major deanship.

•Campus-based Leadership Academies for Department Chairs
If you are interested in ACE coming to your campus to run a seminar for your team of chairs, please email ACELeadership@acenet.edu for more information.







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