Jocelyn Moses

Jocelyn Moses
Director of Residence and Student Life, Goldey-Beacom College

What makes a great leader?

When I think about impeccable leadership, I think of a person who is unapologetic, motivating, supportive, honest, bold and fearless. I have had the opportunity to be raised, groomed, and loved by this type of leader, my mother. She has shown me the importance of being an example and taking care of those that I lead–thank you so much mom! One who embodies commitment and integrity as they navigate their team through adversities makes a great leader.

Commitment is shown through those who believe in the visions, goals, and aspirations of a leader. Their commitment to the growth of their team and those around them becomes a contagious fire that fuels successful outcomes. As I thread commitment into my daily interactions with my staff, I am driven by the leadership thought of being the example. Under no circumstance will I lead a team and ask them to do anything that I would not. This has been my promise which will never waiver as communication increases, obstacles arise, and decisions are made. Great leaders rise to the occasion and make hard decisions while self-sacrificing to improve their team. Leadership is about displaying passion and confidence while motivating others to aspire more.

True leadership is built on integrity, a fundamental characteristic that is required within leadership. A great leader displays empathy, compassion, and respect to those that follow them. As a leader, it is essential to create a space of transparency for my team while tapping into their feelings as we conquer obstacles together. The perfect recipe for great leadership involves a great deal of humility and an incomparable desire to serve for a purpose greater than oneself. John Quincy Adams once said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”.


Jocelyn Moses (Byers-Smith) has been working within the field of Higher Education for fourteen years in both Residence Life and Student Engagement. Prior to her employment at Goldey-Beacom College, Jocelyn worked at Fairleigh Dickinson University as the Assistant Dean for Student Engagement and First-Year Experience. In the beginning of her career, she served as the Coordinator for the Center for Student Leadership and Engagement as well as a Resident Director at Bloomfield College, where she found her voice and passion for Student Engagement. After realizing how essential her skills were within the area of Residence Life, Jocelyn decided to work full time at Kean University as a Residence Hall Director and at the New Jersey Institute of Technology as a Residence Coordinator. Each opportunity invigorated her passion to change the lives of the students she encountered. Now as the Director of Residence and Student Life at Goldey-Beacom College, Jocelyn works to create new initiatives that will redefine student engagement on campus.

Through her work in student affairs, she has also developed a passion for social justice within higher education. She enjoys consulting with various institutions and creating workshops that focus on micro- aggressions within the classroom, gender/race identity amongst college students and a host of other components that will allow professionals to gain a better perspective on equity and inclusion within institutions.

Jocelyn and her husband, Tye Byers-Smith both New Jersey natives live in Delaware with their beautiful family and look forward to making Pike Creek their forever home.