Upcoming Events


Let’s Talk About It!
Conversations on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
in Higher Education



Free Event
For members & non-members
Registration Required

     February 4, 2021 ~ 4:00-5:30 P.M.



Please join your DAWN colleagues for a thought-provoking conversation about race and white fragility in higher education. We will build on the discussion of two of the country’s leading voices and best-selling authors on race and racism, Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum and Dr. Robin DiAngelo’s plenary session at ACE 2019 entitled Talking About Race. Our conversation will be based on the ACE 2019 plenary session found hereDuring the conversation, we will introduce and explore the topics of white fragility and racial biases and how they show up in higher education.
Participants should view the plenary session prior to the event and come prepared to participate in small and large group discussions where you will:  
1) identify examples of racism and white fragility in higher education 
2) explore your experience with white fragility 
3) leave with strategies for addressing white fragility and racism in higher education 
Members and non-members are welcome to attend this free event.   

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